Historic Wackenhut Mansion Sells in Palm Beach

Historic Wackenhut Mansion Sells in Palm Beach

After undergoing extensive renovations, a historic landmark estate recently sold in the Town of Palm Beach. The sellers, Rick and Marie Wackenhut performed careful and detailed restoration work on their estate at 930 South Ocean Blvd before the sale. The historic Wackenhut mansion sold for a recorded $17.88 million in late February. Here is more on the sale of this grand landmark property in the Town of Palm Beach.

The Sale of 930 South Ocean Blvd

The home located at 930 South Ocean Blvd was sold by an ownership interest linked to Rick Wackenhut to M&M Palm Beach Property Investors, a company reportedly connected to real estate broker Lawrence Moens. Rick Wackenhut is the former CEO of Wackenhut security-services company. He is also the son of the company’s founder, the late George Wackenhut. The historic property is a Palm Beach landmark that celebrated architect Maurice Fatio originally designed. The home underwent a significant restoration before the sale to M&M. According to a recent report, the house was previously sold in 2011 for $11.5 million.

Casa Florence

The property at 930 South Ocean Blvd is known as Casa Florence and was originally designed in a Florentine Renaissance style. Fatio built Casa Florence on speculation, and upon its completion in 1929, he and his wife moved into the property. Fatio sold Casa Florence in 1932 to New York City department store owner Franklin Simon. In 1979, the home was given landmark status by the Town of Palm Beach. Casa Florence was reportedly one of the first properties in the community to be protected as a historic structure.

The estate has a total of 7,265 square feet of living space inside and out, including a four-bedroom, two-story main home, a one-bedroom guest property, and a 500-square-foot basement with a brick-detailed wine room and tasting area. The property also has a distinctive quarried Keystone block façade, a second-floor terrace with an ocean view across the coastal road, a private courtyard, and a pool.

The restorations included recovering an angel motif fresco mural discovered on an archway beneath seven layers of paint. The home’s pool area was also restored as part of the overall renovation of the house. The pool is fronted by a loggia with a signature Fatio arched colonnade. Casa Florence sits across the coastal road but is situated to provide the residence with ocean views.

Casa Florence is located at the southwest corner of Via Bellaria, several streets north of Mar-a-Lago. The property is directly across from another Fatio-designed landmark home located at 920 South Ocean Blvd, which is sometimes referred to locally as the “ham and cheese” house due to the stone and brick design on its exterior.

Maurice Fatio in the Town of Palm Beach

Swiss-born architect Maurice Fatio designed more than 200 buildings in the Town of Palm Beach and was well-known for creating homes with beautiful entryways, courtyards, and high ceilings. He was also reputed to have designs that reflected his expert eye for perfect symmetry and proportion.

Some of Fatio’s noted designs in the town include “ham sandwich house” at 920 South Ocean Blvd; the Florentine Romanesque-style Casa Della Porta at 195 Via del Mar; the original Four Winds for E.F. Hutton; and Buenos Recuerdos at 79 Middle Road.

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