Cloaked Closing®

When it comes to high-end property closing trends in the State of Florida… Invisible is the New Black.® Because it’s a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers, the luxury home market is responding to the increased profits and safeguarded privacy available through invisible closings—and quietly transitioning to more confidential contracting methods. These methods are now available to you through Cloaked Closing®.

Luxury Property Owners Face Special Obstacles

Inaccurate Appraisals:
Unlike typical real estate, a multi-million dollar home can be difficult to accurately appraise. When it comes to comps, there are usually very few similar residences in the price range in any given area to compare, and of those, they may not re-sell for decades, making it virtually impossible to get accurate numbers. Additionally, the actual structure of the home may be so distinctive that a realistic comparison may not exist.

High Property Taxes:
Another disconcerting, but unavoidable aspect of high end property ownership is the property taxes. Fortunately, Cloaked Closing® can take the bite out by potentially saving a buyer tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes on a multi-million dollar closing.

Public Disclosure of Sensitive Information:
Finally, and perhaps most importantly for many individuals, the downside of a typical closing for a luxury home is the public exposure of private financial information, and also personal information, such as their capital gains and their home addresses. This concern arises for many reasons, from the safety of children, to becoming targets for theft and scammers, and often results in wealthy residents seeking complete anonymity.

Cloaked Closing® Can Help With All That and More

By taking the strategic steps offered through Cloaked Closing® and keeping your closing invisible, you can enjoy complete confidentiality—beyond that of a ‘private’ sale—and control your transaction from a position of greater strength.Cloaked Closing® is a Rabideau Klein product:
This unique, trademarked product was discovered through collaboration with some of the savviest real estate investors in the world. They found that by keeping their transactions invisible, they gained a significant fiscal advantage. Complete with copyrighted legal documents, Cloaked Closing® is available now. Use the form below to learn more about the tool that makes closings invisible.Why Luxury Home Investors Love Invisible Closings:
Florida high-end property owners have found that by keeping their transactions invisible, they not only end up with more money in their pockets, they also bring added value to the deal-maker across the table. And, because it’s a win-win situation for the buyer and the seller, Cloaked Closing® works beautifully for both property acquisitions, as well as property disbursements.

  • Conceals ownership identity
  • Potentially saves tens of thousands of dollars in real estate taxes
  • Can help protect against unfair appraisals
  • Can lock in greater equity value at the time of purchase
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    Cloaked Closing® is a registered trademark of Rabideau Klein.
    Invisible is the New Black.® is a registered trademark of Rabideau Klein.