Changes Ahead for the Palm Beach Architectural Commission

Changes Ahead for the Palm Beach Architectural Commission

The Town of Palm Beach is known for its unparalleled beauty, temperate weather, and charming ambiance. The gorgeous features of this idyllic seaside community did not occur by chance. Much of the Town’s appealing look and feel come from the work of the Palm Beach Architectural Commission. This group’s work is central to maintaining the Town’s stylistic integrity. Recently, new members have joined this important body. Here is more on some of the changes ahead for the Palm Beach Architectural Commission:

The Palm Beach Architectural Commission (ARCOM)

The Palm Beach Architectural Commission (ARCOM) was developed from the Art Jury in the 1920s to protect the Town’s architecture. The group’s board consists of seven community volunteer members and three alternate members appointed by the Town Council.

ARCOM’s function is to review proposed modifications to existing structures that can be seen from public rights-of-way and landscaping projects. Members of this esteemed body must be registered to vote and are appointed based on their expertise in areas such as community planning, art, land development, landscape architecture, real estate, or other relevant business, profession, or civic interest. At least two, but not more than three members, must be Florida architects.

By ordinance, the goals of the Commission are to ensure that projects: “create harmony, do not disrupt the aesthetic quality of their surroundings, achieve balance with neighboring properties, are in harmony with the proposed developments on land in the general area, are appropriate in relation to the established character of other structures in the immediate area or neighboring areas in respect to significant design features, and will provide the ultimate designers of individual structures with the wider contexts in which their particular works will be viewed.”

In February 2020, architect Nikita Zukov announced plans to resign from his position on the board one year before his three-year-term finished. At that time, the board had multiple vacancies, including one being left by home improvement celebrity Bob Vila. This May, it was reported that retired attorney, Michael B. Small filled Mr. Vila’s position. Mr. Small will also serve as the board chairman. Robert Garrison, the board’s architect, will be the board’s vice-chairman.

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