actors to Consider Before Buying Luxury Palm Beach Area Property

Factors to Consider Before Buying Luxury Palm Beach Area Property

For high-end homebuyers, Florida’s Palm Beaches offer so many exquisite and unique options that it would seem there is something for everyone.  From the coastal beauty and convenience of West Palm Beach to Singer Island’s quiet seaside estates, to Wellington’s equestrian events and golfing, there are properties and lifestyle offerings for those with the most discerning tastes. However, there are other issues you should be cognizant of before signing your purchase contract. Here are some factors to consider before buying luxury Palm Beach Area Property:

Your Real Estate Agent

Palm Beach luxury real estate is a specialized market, and not every real estate professional has the knowledge base or skill set to meet the need of this clientele.  You want to make sure you are working with someone who understands these kinds of properties and your unique requirements. Purchasing multi-million-dollar property represents a significant outlay of capital, and having a knowledgeable realtor to locate your property is vital. However, none of your efforts will matter if you are not working with the right real estate attorney.

Your Real Estate Attorney

Your real estate attorney will be responsible for drafting and reviewing your documents as well as identifying and anticipating potential issues with your property. With a purchase of this magnitude, you don’t want to take chances. You need to have a competent, experienced, legal team with local knowledge to consider all aspects of your luxury property purchase. When a firm has extensive Palm Beach luxury real estate experience, your counsel will have essential local familiarity with crucial aspects of the transaction that are critical to protecting your interests.

Variances and Zoning

When acquiring high-end real estate, many buyers anticipate remodeling, adding extensions, or building structures on their properties. For instance, you may want to add stables, a tennis court or an indoor/outdoor swimming area. Before you buy, you will need to know if there are any zoning ordinances that may interfere with your intentions for your property.  By working with an experienced Palm Beach real estate attorney, you can plan for these issues. Additionally, your counsel will know how to request a variance, or exception to the zoning regulation, and how the process works.

Contact an Experienced Board-Certified Florida Real Estate Attorney

Deciding on the right luxury Palm Beach community for your purchase is an important decision.  Once you have found the perfect place, it is essential that you have the right real estate attorney to manage your transaction. At Rabideau Klein, Guy Rabideau, Esq. and David E. Klein, Esq. are dedicated, Florida Board-Certified Real Estate Attorneys with local expertise and the experience you need to ensure that your interests are protected throughout your purchase. Contact Rabideau Klein today to discuss your Palm Beach area real estate legal needs.



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