The Amenities that Matter to Today’s Luxury Homebuyer

The Amenities that Matter to Today’s Luxury Homebuyer

Luxury homes provide their owners with some of the best features that money can buy. Once, those looking to acquire multi-million-dollar real estate in places like Palm Beach County, wanted residences on expansive lots, with features such as imported marble flooring and custom Murano glass fixtures. However, tastes change with the times, and what was standard just a few years ago in the high-end market, has also. Here are some of the amenities that matter to today’s luxury homebuyer.


Location is a detail that never goes out of style. After all, living close to desirable areas is often the goal for most buyers. Those purchasing luxury real estate want the best properties in the most beautiful places possible. For instance, in an area such as Palm Beach County, many of the most exclusive and sought-after homes have breathtaking ocean views and private beach access points. The traditional luxury buyer may also want to be close to fine dining, shopping, golf courses and other recreational activities. However, modern buyers may also want first-class living accommodations a short distance from their workplaces and neighborhood attractions.

Smart Home Technology

Luxury buyers expect their new homes to be outfitted with the latest technology.  Today, homes can be fully automated so that an owner can control their lighting, security, entertainment, thermostat, and other features by merely speaking. Having these features in place allows the owner to manage and enjoy their space effortlessly. These and other technological features have become required amenities for today’s discerning high-end buyer.

Fitness and Wellness Areas

As a society, we have become more aware of the importance of being physically active and attending to personal wellness. That may be part of the reason why it has become more common to find luxury homes with fully equipped gyms, meditation and yoga spaces, and even dedicated spa and massage rooms. A high-end home may also have a lap pool, a state-of-the-art sports simulator, or a private tennis court or track. Having the means to exercise and relax in your own home can help make your luxury property a sanctuary.

Garage Area Showrooms

For the luxury shopper, who is also a fan of classic or cutting-edge motor vehicles, having a pristine garage interior to showcase his or her collection is critical.  Finished out, specialized areas can be a strong selling point for the right buyer. When the garage space is outfitted with the right flooring and wall detail, a luxury buyer will be able to envision his or her collection being housed in the space.

Entertainment Amenities and Spaces

Buyers looking for the best in high-end real estate are usually in need of entertainment areas. Having the right spaces and amenities to host both indoor and outdoor large parties can be vital. Outdoor patios, bar-b-ques and kitchens, fire-pits, and waterfall accented pools are great for summer. The right area for elegant fine-dining events, and a built-in bar for cocktails, can be essential to host colder weather events.

High-end buyers typically want a developed media room in their new home. For guests and family, having a private media room with comfortable seating, a surround sound system and projected imaging can provide the ultimate in entertainment.

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