The Forecast for Palm Beach Gardens

The Forecast for Palm Beach Gardens

Like the rest of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens has recently seen an unprecedented number of new residents and real estate transactions. Both residential and commercial properties are going for top prices, and the community appears to be thriving. However, with this sudden growth, community resources may be not be adequate. Here is more on the forecast for Palm Beach Gardens in 2020.

Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate in 2020

In 2018, several new construction housing projects were in progress in Palm Beach Gardens. Fortunately, luxury townhomes such as The Pointe at Midtown and boutique communities like Ancient Tree are now ready for today’s buyers. Additionally, construction is currently underway at Avenir, a new multi-use, master plan community that is expected to have 3,725 homes and 250 townhomes.  These are positive developments as demand for residential and commercial real estate is expected to remain high in this desirable community in the coming year.

Vacant properties are also expected to become a thing of the past. In an unusual turn of events, there is one property that has been empty for an unusually long period of time. Presently, the Palm Beach County Tax collector and the City of Palm Beach Gardens are at a standstill in their negotiations over the use of a closed DMV office on PGA Boulevard. The 2000-square foot building has been empty for an astounding two years, and the tax collector’s office wants to tear it down and build a one-stop tax collection service office. However, the two sides are locked in a dispute over an easement issue. The tax collector’s office complains that the City is being unreasonable in its delays and that the community badly needs this resource. However, the City insists that its following the necessary procedures. How long it will take for the two sides to work things out remains to be seen.

Palm Beach Garden Schools

Recently, there have been reports of overcrowding in Palm Beach County schools. Palm Beach County School enrollment projections predict that without intervention, several area schools, including some in Palm Beach Gardens, will be over capacity in the near future. This year in his State of the State address Governor DeSantis announced his intention to get more funds to pay teachers and to improve Florida schools. Whether these funds will be approved and made available in time to lessen the burden on Palm Beach Gardens and other area schools remains to be seen. It’s evident that as more people move into Palm Beach Gardens, the city and county will need to be prepared to meet the growing needs of the populace.

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