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The Qualities You Need In Your Real Estate Attorney

Choosing the right attorney to prepare and review your legal documents during your real estate transaction is essential to protecting your interests. When you select counsel, you are entrusting your advocate to thoroughly examine all aspects of the matter, anticipate unforeseen issues, and manage any irregularities. One way to ensure that you have the ideal attorney for your needs is to look for specific key attributes.  Here are some of the qualities you need in your real estate attorney.

Real Estate Law Experience in Your Market

There are probably hundreds of attorneys practicing in and around the community where your real estate transaction will take place. Although some of these individuals may have years of legal experience, this does not mean they will have the right kind for your needs. A lawyer can be considered an expert in a particular practice area and still be a complete novice in another. Your attorney needs to be well-versed in Florida real estate law. Additionally, he or she should have practical, real-world experience with real estate transaction work in your area. Property and real estate law are complicated areas with their own unique regulations, rules, and requirements. Someone who has not practiced real estate law in the community will not have a sense of the legal culture or how the applicable laws and local ordinances function. However, an attorney who is connected to the real estate community will understand the day-to-day aspects of conducting a transaction there and will have seen and managed the issues which can arise when practicing in this market.

Florida Real Estate Law Board Certification

When selecting an attorney, it’s also important to find local counsel with a demonstrated commitment to their expertise in Florida law. A lawyer who has taken it upon themselves to become board-certified in their practice area, offers their clients several increased benefits. According to the Florida State Bar, “board certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice.” When your counsel is board-certified in Florida real estate law, this designation signifies that he or she has been licensed at least five years, has undergone significant additional instruction, committed a substantial portion of their practice to the area, passed a written examination, and has been reviewed by his or her peers. This devotion to practice excellence offers you the aptitudes of an attorney who is well-equipped to manage multiple aspects of your real estate transaction, land use and planning, zoning matters, property development, as well as other critical issues.

Personal Connection

There is a significant difference between an attorney who will merely take your money and process your transaction and one who is dedicated to you and protecting your interests. Buying, selling, and renting property all have a direct impact on the people involved in these exchanges. Where you invest your time and money is personal, and it’s essential to work with someone who understands what matters to you and demonstrates a personal commitment to your venture. When your counsel cares about your case, their dedication shows in the quality of their legal work.

Community Reputation

When an attorney has a good reputation in the community and amongst his or her peers, it is usually because of their professionalism and outstanding work. Within real estate, realtors are often a reliable resource for attorney referrals as well. When selecting your real estate attorney, it is important to choose someone who comes highly recommended in the community and area where you intend to conduct business.

Clear and Effective Communication

In order for an attorney-client relationship to be successful, the parties involved must be able to communicate clearly and effectively. Real estate law and its rules and requirements can be confusing.  There may also be unexpected issues which can cause stress and delay. Your counsel should be available to answer your questions and be able to explain what is happening in a concise and understandable manner. He or she should also be responsive to your requests for information and keep you apprised of any developments with your case.

At Rabideau Klien, Guy Rabideau, Esq. and David E. Klein, Esq. are Florida board-certified real estate attorneys with the expertise you need to ensure that your real estate business and transactions are handled with the excellence, precision, and personal commitment you deserve. Contact Rabideau Klein today to discuss your real estate legal needs.

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