The Right Way to Buy a Luxury Home in South Florida

The Right Way to Buy a Luxury Home in South Florida

The communities of South Florida are known throughout the world for their magnificent natural beauty and stunning properties. Here, luxury buyers can find lavish homes constructed on vast estates with panoramic ocean views, amid lush landscapes, just steps away from inland lakes. When purchasing a home of this quality, you are not only paying for the finer details, but you are also making a significant investment. The last thing you want is for anything to interfere with you acquiring your beautiful new home. Fortunately, by knowing the right ways to buy luxury property in South Florida, you can avoid frustration and unnecessary delay.

  1. Start with your reasons for buying: Many issues can be resolved upfront by examining why you want the property in a particular location. Are you seeking a high-end estate where you plan to live for the next several years and enjoy horseback riding and sportfishing? Is this a home where you will be raising young children where you want a neighborhood feel? What about buying for investment purposes or retirement?  Are you moving here for work? Once you have identified the factors that matter most to you, it can help you identify the ideal South Florida communities for your needs.
  2. Find a local luxury realtor: Finding an agent who works in your desired area and understands luxury properties is crucial. A luxury real estate agent understands the specific needs of this clientele, and can be adept at locating the area properties that are a perfect match for their buyers.  Local agents also know of off-market listings in the luxury market.  Some of the most exclusive properties in Palm Beach and its surrounding areas, for instance, are bought and sold without ever going on the MLS listings. Additionally, when you have a reputable realtor in your desired community, they can refer you to the best real estate attorneys to manage the legal aspects of your transaction.
  3. Use a Local Florida Board-Certified Real Estate Attorney: When you are investing in luxury real estate in South Florida, you are buying in one of the most desirable markets in the world.  A purchase of this type can be complicated and involve several legal issues.  Having a real estate attorney for a transaction of this magnitude is an absolute necessity.  However, selecting counsel who is Board-Certified in Florida Real Estate is in your best interest.  When an attorney is board-certified in Florida, he or she has undergone additional training and education in their specific type of law and has successfully passed an examination on the subject. The attorney also has been reviewed and approved by their peers, and devoted a significant portion of their practice to the subject matter. A local Florida Board-Certified Real Estate Attorney not only has the expertise in Florida and area real estate law you need, but he or she will also have the experience and knowledge to fully protect your interests.

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Buying a luxury property in South Florida is a sound investment decision, but it’s essential to take the right steps and perform your due diligence beforehand.  Once you and your real estate professional have identified your perfect home, it’s crucial that you work with the right real estate attorney to safeguard your interests during every phase of the transaction.

At Rabideau Klein, Guy Rabideau, Esq. and David E. Klein, Esq. are dedicated, Florida Board-Certified Real Estate Attorneys with Palm Beach area expertise and the experience you need to ensure that your interests are protected throughout your South Florida purchase.  Contact Rabideau Klein today to discuss your Palm Beach area real estate legal needs.









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