West Palm Beach’s City Golf Course May Be Back in Full Swing

West Palm Beach’s City Golf Course May Be Back in Full Swing

In 2018, the City of West Palm Beach announced it was shutting down its municipal golf course until 2020. The historic course has been a favorite of local golfers for decades, including the legendary Arnold Palmer. Unfortunately, the beloved course had been operating at a reported $60,000 a month loss and had to close. However, there are now rumors that PGA of America wants to bring the city’s course back to for the benefit of the community. Here is more about how West Palm Beach’s city golf course may be back in full swing:

The PGA’s Plan

According to a recent article, PGA of America, along with other investors, wants to re-open the shuttered municipal course as a nonprofit public golf education center. The PGA group has expressed a keen interest in keeping the area for golfing only, and making its use affordable for the city’s residents. The general idea behind the PGA’s plan is to create a private-community collaboration that celebrates and honors the game while engendering a sense of accessibility for everyone. Investors want to bring the game into today’s world to meet the needs of the modern player. However, with the recent increase in real estate demand due to the population growth in West Palm Beach, there has also been interest in using its 196 acres to build more housing.

Private Development is Possible

According to Mayor Keith James, the city is leaving open the possibility of having the land privately developed. Recently, the City of West Palm Beach has experienced significant population growth, and undeveloped land is attractive for new construction. Mayor James has commented that he wants input from the surrounding community and that the PGA and other companies will be invited to submit proposals for the property. There has been definite interest expressed by other parties, including residential real estate developers and the entertainment chain Top Golf.

The Land May Be Restricted to Golf Only

There are citizens, including former City Commissioner Shanon Materio, that say the city was given the land for the express purpose that it be used only as a golf course. If the property does have this type of restriction, and it is sold and utilized for another purpose, the city could be facing major lawsuits in the future.

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