Where is President Trump looking to Buy in Palm Beach

Where is President Trump looking to Buy in Palm Beach?

Recently, former President Donald Trump made headlines when he and first lady, Melania, returned to the Town of Palm Beach on his final day in office. Since their move into Mar-a-Lago, there has been much speculation regarding the couple’s next home. So, where is President Trump looking to buy in the Town of Palm Beach?

The Next Trump Residence

In the weeks leading up to former President Trump’s departure from office, there have been rumors that Melania Trump has been looking at properties in South Florida. The former first couple was also said to have been searching for a private school for their teenage son, Barron. Although the famous couple has yet to make an offer on a new property, the family’s presence in the Town of Palm Beach has attracted considerable attention.

Living in Mar-a-Lago?

At the end of his term, Trump and his family moved into Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s privately-owned social club. Often called Trump’s “Winter Whitehouse,” the palatial estate has every luxury the family could need, including a private apartment suite. Although it may seem to be the ideal place for them to live, there may be an issue with the Trumps staying at Mar-a-Lago permanently.

According to reports, in 1993, when Trump converted Mar-a-Lago into a social club, he entered into a Declaration of Use agreement with the Palm Beach Town Council that no one could reside on-premises more than 21 days per year. Now, some community members argue that Trump and his family have violated the agreement and that the town council must enforce it. There have also been reports that Trump intends to stay at Mar-a-Lago indefinitely and is contending that the 21-day rule only applies to club members and not property owners. For the moment, it remains unclear whether the Trump family will stay at Mar-a-Lago or relocate into one of their other properties. According to a recent article, the matter is to be reviewed during a February town council meeting.

Other Trump Family Members’ Real Estate Activity

The former president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, recently purchased a 2-acre parcel on Indian Creek Island off of Miami Beach for $32 million. The couple is leasing a luxury condominium in Miami while they build their Indian Creek Island home.

Donald Trump, Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle have reportedly been house hunting in Palm Beach County. Most recently, Ms. Guilfoyle has been seen looking at homes in Jupiter and The Town of Palm Beach.

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