Why Another Home on Seaspray Avenue is Making Headlines

Why Another Home on Seaspray Avenue is Making Headlines

Recently, one of the crown jewels of the Town of Palm Beach was listed for sale on the residential market. Located at 212 Seaspray Avenue, this over four-thousand square foot Mediterranean revival was one of the first commissioned to be designed by a famous community architect. Here is more on why another home on Seaspray Avenue is making headlines:

John L. Volk in Palm Beach

In the mid-1920s Austrian-born architect John L. Volk came to Palm Beach County. He would soon become one of the most influential designers of the Town of Palm Beach’s signature style for the era. The architect completed residential contracts for famous family names as Vanderbilt, Ford, Dodge, Dupont, and Pulitzer. Volk is said to have designed more than 1,000 buildings in the community, including the Palm Beach Town Hall and a significant portion of Worth Avenue. He also had a substantial role in the redesign of the Breakers after it was used as an army hospital during World War II. Volk was a member of the Palm Beach Landmarks Preservation Commission— an organization that still continues to preserve architectural integrity in the town to this day. Given Volk’s known architectural influence in the Town of Palm Beach, 212 Seaspray’s historical significance is undeniable. Not surprisingly, the property was designated as a historic landmark in 1999.

212 Seaspray Avenue

The house located at 212 Seaspray Avenue, is known as Sin Ruido or “without noise.” The four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath house is 4,459 square feet and is a classic 1920s era Mediterranean style luxury home. Before its renovations, the residence had never been updated from Volk’s original design work and its initial construction. The property had original tiles, ironwork, fireplace, mantel, and fixtures that have been expertly refurbished to preserve their classic features. At the same time, modern updates have been added to make the residence more comfortable for today’s occupants.  For instance, central air and a new kitchen have been added to the property. However, these modern additions have been made with attention to the historical details of the home’s classic style.

The property remains on the market for just under seven million dollars. For the luxury buyer who appreciates the precision required to restore a historical Palm Beach masterpiece to its former glory while seamlessly adding every modern convenience, 212 Seaspray may be the ideal property.

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