Real Estate Champions Share Their Keys to Success

Real Estate Champions Share Their Keys to Success

10 Selling Secrets From Industry Titans Who Know How to Close

Being truly successful selling high end Florida real estate takes ingenuity, fortitude, hard work and a bit of luck. Fortunately, the trail to success leaves clues behind, and there is much to learn from the titans who have gone before. Here then, are ten tried-and-true success secrets from three of the biggest names in real estate.

The Secrets to Powering Up a Luxury Market Mindset

The name Grant Cardone is a familiar one among real estate insiders. Founder of the real estate investment firm Cardone Capital, Cardone is responsible for managing over $1 billion in assets. The Miami-based entrepreneur is also the CEO of seven privately held companies, and Forbes called him one of the top social media business influencers in the world. In his groundbreaking book The 10X Rule, Cardone lays out some of his tried and true practices, which include these gems:

  1. Leave the excuses at the door. Cardone says that making excuses, even when those excuses are legitimate, will not make a person successful. It is a waste of time and energy to blame failures on the economy, competition, or other factors.
  2. Get disciplined. Successful people show up every day to do the difficult, uncomfortable work. In order to have the things you want, you must be willing to do the things you don’t want to do.
  3. Don’t compete, dominate. According to Cardone, competing with others limits your ability to think creatively. He advises that you should completely dominate your industry instead. Don’t compete in a space. Become the space.
The Secrets to Superior Staging

Real estate broker, and recent South Florida transplant, Fredrik Eklund knows a thing or two about selling real estate. As former host of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, the 46-year-old reality TV star is an expert on staging and doing luxe for less. These are some of his best kept secrets for staging success.

  1. Give buyers a vision. Eklund says that selling a home should be about the potential buyer’s preferences, not yours or the sellers. A staged home should be a blank slate, open to people with different tastes.
  2. Less is more. Removing things like family photos, religious items, and symbols of the seller’s hobbies can open up a space to more eyeballs and help potential buyers see themselves living there. The most important thing you can do to sell your home is to declutter, Eklund says. It makes a space look expensive and move-in ready.
  3. Give the space a touch of paint. According to Eklund, a pop of paint can work wonders. It can make give glam to well-lived in property, and the process of painting forces the homeowner to remove a lot of personal items like pictures and some pieces of furniture. The real estate mogul believes that paint also has a psychological effect, because buyers associate the smell of fresh paint with more expensive things.
  4. Use sounds and smells to create ambiance. According to Eklund smells and sounds are right up there with the home’s interior style in level of importance. Baking cookies or lighting scented candles can help attach a buyer’s subconscious memory and emotions to a property. Music is good too, only not too loud or the buyers will think you’re trying to hide traffic noise. Anything light and soothing is good. Homebuying is stressful, so anything you can do to make the buyer more relaxed is a win.
The Secrets to Embracing AI

Let’s face it, AI is everywhere. It is impacting every industry, including real estate. And it is not going away. But how can you incorporate AI into your own real estate business to become more successful? Real estate coach, educator, and best-selling author Tom Ferry has a few ideas.

  1. Be aware of AI’s limitations. AI is powerful, and becoming more so all the time, but it’s no magic bullet. It isn’t creative, at least not yet. It’s iterative, meaning that using systems like ChatGPT to come up with content ideas will get you in trouble, because you’re using recycled ideas from your competitors.
  2. Be the master of your own copy. Be sure to edit everything. In addition to  giving it your own personal touch, vigilance is paramount to watch for and correct contextual mistakes the automation may inadvertently insert.
  3. Use AI to engage but not reply. AI like chatbots are great, allowing you to generate leads on the fly. But when it comes to responding to your leads a personal touch is best.

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