South Florida’s Latest Luxe Amenity

Micky, Messi & Madonna via Brightline’s Magnificent Miles

Has anyone else noticed Brightline’s latest eblast hooks? “Train to the superyacht… Premium experience to the Heat… Hurry! Limited seats available to Ultra Music Festival,” are just a few of the messages flooding Floridians’ e-mailboxes. Riding the Brightline is certainly not cheaper than driving, but as their literature suggests, it’s better and faster. “A Brightline high-speed train ride is unparalleled in speed, comfort, and style.

How Brightline’s Build-out Participates in the Florida Wealth Phenome

If targeting a wealthier clientele was Brightline’s plan all along, the place and timing couldn’t be better. Ask any South Florida luxury real estate lawyer and he will likely agree, providing services for Florida’s influx of wealthy citizens and returning affluet expats is simply good business. Florida is now home to two of the most expensive real estate zip codes in the country and many of Florida’s priciest cities are South Florida coastal communities, including the billionaire-preferred Fisher Island and Palm Beach Islands; not to mention, the nouveau riche West Palm Beach.

Home to Walt Disney World, the Miami Heat and fresh-off Broadway productions, the Sunshine State’s luxe lifestyle is as much about getting to court-side seats as sand baked beaches.

Brightline is the only provider of modern high-speed rail service in the U.S. The company launched their Orlando depot last September and within one month they announced it doubled its trips between Orlando and Miami from 15 to 30 a day. While the train shortens travel time between several trendy South Florida coastal cities, such as West Palm, monikered the new “Wall Street South” and fast-paced Fort Lauderdale, making its junket a swift 35 minute step-on, step-off hop, the real beauty of the experience is car-free travel with vacation-vibe amenities

Luxe Travel to Big-Ticket Entertainment

Brightline’s Miami Central Station is just steps away from Miami’s Kaseya Center which draws Heat attendees from across the nation. Additionally, the comfortable conveyance provides intra-state rides to a panoply of entertainment options that keep the state’s residents basking in big ticket entertainment. From the Miami City Ballet and New World Symphony to the UFC Octagon and Taylor Swift, there is plenty to do and see throughout South Florida, and Brightline is primed to make sure pleasure-seeking Floridians don’t miss out.

Venue-bound passengers say Brightline’s smooth ride makes their travel time an enjoyable part of the day’s event experience. Premium fares offer a pre-departure lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks in a reception–style setting and during the ride, you can stretch your legs, walk around, munch on a light meal at tabled seats, or nestle into a large hand-stitched leather recliner and enjoy the full-window passing view. Upon arrival, your car-free vacation allows you to skip navigating unfamiliar cities and searching for parking spots.

Depot-centric Real Estate & Construction Booms

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Brightline hubs are affecting the local Florida real estate market, allowing home sellers to command higher prices for properties located near rail stations, while foresighted developers are planning dynamic urban hubs centered around the new rail stations.

At a time when U.S. mass transit systems are experiencing decreased business, Brightline saw a 68% increase in ridership in March of 2023, according to a Wisconsin State Journal article. By courting wealthy riders and becoming intertwined within South Florida’s real estate development boom, the privately owned passenger rail service seems poised for the brightest of futures.

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