The Latest Trends for Luxury Vacation Property Developers to Consider

The Latest Trends for Luxury Vacation Property Developers to Consider

South Florida is known throughout the world for being a premier holiday destination. When visiting this part of the state, travelers with refined preferences often choose to stay at one of the lavish resorts and hotels in the Town of Palm Beach. For high-end vacation real estate developers, it’s essential to stay abreast of current developments in the market and this clientele’s changing preferences. Here are some of the latest trends for luxury vacation property developers to consider:

Sustainable Travel

According to Luxury Travel Magazine, sustainable travel is a 2020 buzzword that refers to environmentally-mindful efforts in the travel industry. Going green is a priority for modern luxury vacationers, and today’s high-end travelers are attracted to eco-conscious design efforts and details in resorts and hotels. In places such as South Florida, construction, and design initiatives that respect and harmonize with nature are also in keeping with the state’s conservation efforts. When a luxury hotel or resort has the architecture and function that offer visitors comfort, style, and luxury, it reflects today’s values and appeals to travelers.

Personalized Details

Today, technological advances have made it possible to have several aspects of our lives personalized. Having grocery, clothing, and music lists that cater to our unique tastes are commonplace. For the luxury traveler, having accommodations that are customized to their interests and distinctive preferences, is part of the high-end experience. Knowing what the customer prefers beforehand allows luxury proprietors to have their clients’ favorite music, flowers, foods, wines, linens, and other items waiting when they arrive. These specialized touches create an inviting ambiance for guests who are accustomed to grandeur.

Wellness-Focused Offerings

There is a definite trend towards wellness in luxury travel. Those arriving in destinations such as the Town of Palm Beach expect on-sight access to state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment and private instruction. Additionally, many members of this clientele are seeking to be more centered, mindful, and calm. Clients may want to unwind through yoga instruction or by spending time in a meditation space. For some luxury guests, having the on-site amenities needed to maintain their physical and emotional well-being will be a necessity.

Modern Culinary Experiences

Vacation travel is about the experience, and in 2020, specific culinary offerings are expected to be an essential piece of the luxury holiday. Coming to a vacation property and enjoying and latest creation by a world-class chef is an expectation. However, being able to travel and enjoy the best in vegan, vegetarian, or the newest cuisine trend is a must for some clientele. For others, having access to exclusive wine lists, and unique and innovative dishes that are the masterpieces of celebrity chefs, are the ultimate in high-end travel. Hand-selecting a tasting menu from some of the world’s best foods and wines is a coveted feature that will be offered by only the most exclusive hotels and resorts.

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