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Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer for my Florida Luxury Home Closing?

While Florida does not legally require you to hire a real estate attorney for your home sale or purchase, when making a luxury real estate transference in Florida, it’s more important than ever to have your own closing lawyer, preferably one who is specially certified in Florida real estate law, acting on your behalf. Rather than go along with an assigned closing lawyer to orchestrate your legal documents, you have the opportunity to assign your own representation. In doing so, you will have more legal control and assurance that the contractual documents are legal methodology are to your best benefit. Think about this:

You Don’t Make Multimillion Real Estate Deals Every Day

Unless it’s your job, you probably will only make a few real estate sales and purchases in your lifetime. According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau, the average duration of homeownership is around 10 and a half years. But even if it’s only been a couple of years since you bought or sold a home, in today’s eventful Florida market, a lot of things have probably changed. Not only because time has passed, but because real estate transactions have become increasingly complex, and real estate legislation continues to evolve. Currently, you will soon see that the paperwork is more complex and there are more parties involved.

The High-End Florida Real Estate Transaction

Florida is one of the states that has more high-end luxury properties than anywhere else in the U.S. As with anything else, the bigger the investment, the higher the risk Performing due diligence is even more critical. Thorough inspections and accurate assessments in this special strata rely on professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in luxury home buying. Buyers and sellers need not go it alone. With oversight by the right real estate lawyer, one who knows the lay of the land and who likely already has relationships with those experienced in the luxury market segment, the potential Florida home owner assumes a much stronger position.

With good legal counsel, you can depend on your lawyer to draft or review contracts ensuring that your legal rights are protected, and helping you avoid risks and expensive disputes. A contract written or reviewed by a lawyer is easier to enforce in court. Without a lawyer experienced in luxury home buying you might pay far more than you should, lose the right to valuable property, or expose yourself to unnecessary business and financial risks, including costly lawsuits.

Another consideration of high end home transactions is privacy issues. Because the buyers and sellers of high-value assets are more likely to be targeted because of their wealth they often feel more vulnerable to predators and scammers. For this reason, privacy is high on their list of priorities and additional legal protection against public exposure is often sought. Keeping your private information clear of public scrutiny is another area where an experienced luxury home lawyer will help you.

If You’re from Out of Town

Because people are flocking to the Sunshine State from other areas of the country in droves and businesses are moving their corporate headquarters, you may be part of an influx treading in unknown real estate waters. Your Florida real estate attorney will help you navigate Florida’s unique real estate considerations, where tropical climate and coastal locations make it different from any other place you might choose to live. The property you purchase must adhere to environmental regulations. For example, towns like Palm Beach have strict architectural and zoning requirements. Because Florida will likely have different real estate laws than your home state, having a local attorney familiar with the complexities of these rules and regulations will help you get to the closing table without undue incident such as inadvertently breaking any local laws or ordinances, or being vulnerable to an unscrupulous party’s misconduct.

A Good Florida Real Estate Attorney Will Look Out for You

There are a lot of people involved in a typical real estate transaction. The seller, the seller’s agent, the mortgage lender, and the title company’s representative are a few of the most common. Understandably, each Individual is looking out for their company’s agenda and their own interests. In this type of environment, it pays to have someone at the table who is looking out specifically for you and working to get what you need from your real estate transaction. A good Florida real estate lawyer will be one hundred percent in your corner.

Realtors, Title Companies, and Other Parties Involved Can’t Provide Legal Advice

The other parties involved in your real estate transaction cannot provide legal advice. Not even your agent. That means if you run into a legal problem, or need something explained, they can’t help you. In many cases, they are prohibited by law from offering anything approaching legal advice.

Your Real Estate Attorney Anticipates and Handles Unforeseen Problems

Because even the average real estate transaction today has a lot of moving parts, there is a lot that can go wrong. And, if any one thing goes wrong it can set off a sequence of events that ends with the entire deal going south. Leaving you with wasted time and empty pockets.

From incorrect legal documents to negotiation problems a good Florida real estate attorney will sidestep common real estate issues for you. They will make sure all of your legal documents are complete and error-free. They will know what to do if negotiations hit a snag and they will know how to trouble-shoot if a legal technicality occurs. Your Florida real estate lawyer will walk you through every step of the process so that you can sign on the dotted line with confidence.

A Real Estate Attorney Can Save You Time and Money

A good closing attorney can end up saving you thousands in closing costs and other fees. And, perhaps more importantly, your valuable time. When you chalk up the days you could spend on dealing with contract errors, hunting down missing documents, fixing cloudy titles, and other common Florida real estate transference problems, it makes sense to have a knowledgeable Florida real estate lawyer acting on your behalf; one that’s specifically certified by the Florida Bar in real estate law and ready to sidestep any issues that might arise. Protecting your assets and your legal rights. And getting you to the closing table with your wallet and your peace-of-mind intact.

Contact Florida Bar Board-Certified Attorneys David E. Klein, Esq. and Guy Rabideau at They have the expertise and experience you need to ensure that your interests are protected throughout your Florida real estate transaction. Contact Rabideau Klein to when it’s time to discuss the legal implications of your next Florida property transaction.

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