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New Home Industry Trends that will Style 2024

From maximalism to roof deck club trends, 2024 home industry predictions are coming in.

Along with First Quarter do-overs, New Year’s resolutions, and fresh calendars, the beginning of 2024 brings a plethora of predictions by experts in their fields. The nation’s home industry provides an especially exciting palette with which to visualize incoming aesthetics. Let’s take a peek at what the future holds.

Realtors are staging for less minimalism and more functionality

In the National Association of Realtors’ article Home Stager Reveals 4 Hot Trends for 2024, vacant home stater expert, Krisztina Bell advises us of a transitioning evolution of white and minimal to functional and dramatic. Here are some creative home change-ups she sees coming on strong.

  • “Vacation spaces” at home where people are turning exterior spaces into lounging retreats with amenities such as sensory gardens, lounging areas, a full kitchen and bar, outdoor TV and sustainable furnishings.
  • Mixing rather than matching metal accents such as with the color of the faucets, and juxtaposing metals like brass and chrome in rooms to add visual interest throughout the house.
  • Think “maximalism.” The idea is to infuse personality into living spaces with bolder colors, richer textures, and to avoid a cookie cutter look via more adventuresome decorative choices.
  • Smart energy efficient homes are gaining more traction with innovative accents like low-draw electrics, low-volatile paints, reclaimed eco-friendly furnishings and voice-controlled home devices.

Homebuyers will display these new positive attitudes

While it’s safe to assume the expected dip in interest rates is something everyone is happy about, Architectural Digest’s journalist, Rachel Davie’s also foretells these additional uplifts in consumer buying attitudes in 2024.

  • With a large part of the population embracing conscientious stewardship of the earth for future generations, the word “sustainable” keeps popping up, and here it’s used to describe the more highly desired dream home attribute of having “passive house principles,” which simply means attaining a rigorous level of energy efficiency while also creating comfortable indoor living spaces.
  • Cold plunges indicate how self-care is becoming a hotter commodity. Ice-cold immersion systems and infrared saunas continue to gain traction in available lifestyle amenities and the category has further branched with new products such as sunken tranquility gardens, hammams with cold plunges, and salt water swimming pools.
  • After a year of high mortgage rates where 51% of Americans thought it was not the right time to buy, many prospective new homeowners are well aware of the fact that the Federal Reserve said they intend to cut interest rates three times in 2024, bringing a welcome note of relief for homebuyers who had waited it out in 2023.
  • Following the last two years of a renewed and growing interest in “Members Only” type situations, it looks like the trend is peaking in 2024. Expect an influx of luxury living development amenities that mirror private clubs which might include a roof deck club, third-party-operated bars, and restaurants within spaces where residents can entertain friends and business associates.

Home design trends predicted by Houzz’ 68-million-customer community

Forbes included Houzz’s top predictions 2024’s favorites determined by their vast customer base that not only includes 65 million homeowners, but also, 3 million residential construction and design professionals.

  • Prevailing accents include blended backsplashes, herringbone, and fluted cabinetsLook for more innovative backsplash ideas include installing a slab of stone or quartz behind the range or cooktop and using accent material or tile in other parts of the kitchen. There will be more use of herringbone patterns in kitchens and bathrooms for tile, flooring, fabric patterning. You should also see an increase in fluted details of cabinets, vanities and living room furniture, as made popular by its high profile in trade shows last year.
  • There will be more blues, mud-laundry rooms and plants between paversMitchell Parker, Houzz’ home design expert says many paint companies are choosing blue as the color of 2024. In addition to walls and cabinetry, expect to see different shades showing up in decorative materials and housewares. A combined laundry and mudroom where dusty sweatshirts and sandy swimwear can be left, ready to be washed is practical and growing in popularity. Outside, homeowners will be planting greenery amongst garden paths and patio groundwork.

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