Are Wave Parks the Newest Mixed-Use Residential Property Trend in Florida

Are Wave Parks the Newest Mixed-Use Residential Property Trend in Florida?

Florida is known throughout the world for its sunny weather and beautiful white-sand beaches. Although beach access is a coveted Florida real estate detail, another water feature may soon be making a splash in the Sunshine State—Residential communities featuring professional-quality surfing parks. Are wave parks the newest mixed-use residential property trend in Florida?

Willow Lakes

Fort Pierce, Florida, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Willow Lakes, a new mixed-use project that will offer 400,000 square-feet of retail space, 600 hotel rooms, 125,000 office space, 800 residential homes, and thousands of potential jobs at the country’s largest “WaveGarden.” The number of residential homes depends on the city’s approvals. There could be as many as 1000 residential buildings, 700 of which will be multi-family homes, 150 single-family townhouses, and 150 single-family detached homes.

Surfworks WaveGarden

The WaveGarden is a simulated surfing park that will be part of the 200-acre Willow Lakes community development. The Surfworks Resort facility will have an immense water area that generates up to 1,000 waves an hour for approximately 100 surfers at any moment. The lagoon will create waves of different shapes and for a range of surfing experience levels. Surfworks Resorts of Fort Pierce will be one of only four public WaveGarden surfing park lagoons in the world. The other locations are in England, Wales, and Australia.

City of Fort Pierce Support

The Willow Lakes project has received unanimous approval from City commissioners for the first set of zoning changes. The commissioners also reportedly offered glowing endorsements of the plan for the project and are excited for a developer to be building such a unique development in Fort Pierce. According to a recent report, a study by the Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County found that the surfing center is expected to create 139 jobs and have a $15.6 million annual impact on the city. The Council also found that the project is anticipated to create about 3,400 jobs during construction and nearly 1,900 jobs annually. The project is expected to generate $8.7 million in impact fees, not including the WaveGarden and a proposed TopGolf.

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