Why are this Juno Beach Neighborhood and Senior Living Center at Odds

Why are this Juno Beach Neighborhood and Senior Living Center at Odds?

In 2001, Pleasant Ridge neighborhood residents were locked in a bitter dispute with the owners of The Waterford, a Juno Beach senior living facility. Today, it seems that the almost twenty-year conflict is back. So, why are this Juno Beach neighborhood and senior living center at odds?

Pleasant Ridge is an unincorporated neighborhood of approximately 120 homes located south of the Juno Beach town line. The Waterford is a senior living facility that is pushing for the town to annex seven vacant, mid-block Pleasant Ridge properties. The Waterford’s owners actually control the lots and the annexation zone, including a public right-of-way.  However, The Waterford requires approval from the city for the annexation. The citizens of Pleasant Ridge have turned the right-of-way into the park.

In March 2020, The Waterford presented plans to convert some of the properties at issue on Pleasant Drive into a parking lot. Additional development plans include building a parking garage and a 91-foot building with 86 independent living units and a 72-bed health care building.

Pleasant Ridge neighborhood residents argue that the proposed annexation will take away from their quality of life and turn their beloved central community park into a parking lot. By contrast, the chief revenue and communications officer for Waterford owner Lifespace Communities, Greg Sieman, stated that “As a continuing care retirement community … it is our responsibility and pleasure to add a wider array of care capabilities to not only serve our Waterford residents but also Palm Beach County, given that market studies suggest a growing need to support aging adults.” “Our redevelopment plan builds upon the skilled nursing services we currently offer and adds new assisted living and memory care apartments to provide a greater continuum of care.”

Is History Repeating Itself?

In 2001, The Waterford attempted to get Juno Beach to annex six Pleasant Drive residential properties. At that time, Waterford proposed to build parking and duplexes on the parcels. However, in December 2001, Juno Beach Town Council members unanimously denied the annexation request. By September 2002, The Waterford had demolished the houses on the six lots. In 2010, the owner bought the seventh lot and tore the home that was there as well.

Pleasant Ridge is Safe, for Now

Juno Beach Town Council members met in late August. After considering the request and deliberating for three hours, two voted for the annexation, and two voted against it. This resulted in right-of-way annexation being effectively denied. According to a recent report, because The Waterford could not use the right-of-way as requested, it’s not likely to move forward with the plans it had for the other lots at this time.

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