Florida Multimillion Dollar Market


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March issue: Florida ultra-luxury real estate highlights

$5 Million-plus Houses: 3 priciest home listings came from 3 most affluent counties
February’s three top residential real estate transactions in Florida happened in its three most affluent counties, all were located in South Florida, and all topped $75 million.

Agent William Yahn of The Corcoran Group priced a speculation estate on Palm Beach Island at $83.5 million. The Town pre-approved the Smith & Moore Architect plans for a 12 thousand square-foot Art Deco inspired mansion.

$5 Million-plus Condos: Super condos sell $21, $19.9, and $18.5 million
The top three February condo sales happened on the east coast of the state and two of them made the Top Ten sales of the last twelve months list.

The average mean price of luxury Florida condominiums in the $5 million-plus category hovered at $7 million during the last three months, similar to the same period of the prior year.

Florida Multimillion Dollar Market Brief
Each issue reports on the advertised Florida real estate activity for the prior month in the category of ultra-luxury residential sales and listings of single-family homes and condominiums priced at $5 million or more. The information reflects all data entered by the last day of the prior month. When a sale or listing for that month is posted after the last day of the month, that information will be rolled into the following month’s report. The Florida Multimillion Dollar Market Brief reports on real estate with residential property such as single-family home, condo, co-op and townhouse types, and does not include land-only, multi-family homes, and mobile home types.

All information contained in the report is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. Neither Rabideau Klein, nor any of its employees makes any representations or warranties as to the accuracy of its contents.

The Rabideau Klein Florida Multimillion Dollar Market is a monthly 8-page resource that focuses on the luxury real estate industry in the State of Florida and reveals a continuum of developing sales and listing trends.
  1. The Top Single Family Home and Condominium Volume of Sales
  2. The Top Single Family Home and Condominium Average Sale Prices
  3. Tracks Residential Properties Listed or Sold for $5 Million or More

Each report shows meaningful tracking of the leading luxury real estate transactions including average pricing and sales volumes for three-, six-, and twelve-month intervals.